“I Wish I Was Alive”

“Time Is Elastic”



Brooklyn based artist Middle Part creates synth-laden music in the hopes of making you feel something. Composed with honesty and sincerity, the music takes inspiration from both 90’s and early Millenium alternative bands. Middle Part was born when singer Andrew Selkōw found himself in a serious depression and had to escape his current reality. Moving from Nashville to Alaska - not just to “find himself”, but to figure out how to live with himself - Andrew spent months folding boxes at a local pizza shop. It was in this monotonous and lonely state that he began writing songs simply as a way to get by.  After moving to Brooklyn, those same songs - written in a dark time - found a new light after beginning to work with producer and collaborator, Brian Zaremba. Middle Part’s six-track debut EP “I Wish I Was Alive” was born.

The band quickly began developing a fanbase locally via sold out shows opening for acts like Biig Piig and Arlie in the New York area and internationally through various online media. Amidst performing live the band began to hone in more of their sound which lay between their bedroom pop origins and the invigoration of a loud rock show. In that time the follow-up EP “Time Is Elastic” began taking shape and the band continued writing new material.

Listening to Middle Part is like reading one of Selkōw’s journal entries and uncovering all the back and forth he has in his head on a daily basis. Selkōw admits, “I just want people to relate. I so desperately want to connect and that might be the message…art is important, no matter how you decide to approach it. There's no age or formula, so just create. It's the most healing form of therapy I've ever experienced.”

The duo of Andrew Selkōw and co-producer Brian Zaremba have cultivated a fanbase that gravitates to the band’s penchant for sincerity along with creating a sense of community for the broken misfit toys on this island of Earth. Andrew has to remind them though that he himself is not fixed and that “...there’s a thousand million people that are feeling the exact same thing as you including me, and I’m glad that the music is helping, but I’m figuring it out at the same time.”